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(Biography) Allen. 1926–97, US poet of the Beat Generation. His poetry includes Howl (1956) and Kaddish (1961)


(ˈgɪnz bɜrg)

Allen, 1926–97, U.S. poet.
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Noun1.Ginsberg - United States poet of the beat generation (1926-1997)
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Allen Ginsberg was undoubtedly conflicted about his Jewishness at some points in his life, most likely as a result of associating his Jewishness with family turmoil and his mother Naomi's madness.
Still, The Typewriter Is Holy (Free Press), his lifeless primer on their lives, fails to drive home why the precedent-, form-, and language-shattering work of Ginsberg and pals such as Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs should be treasured.
James Franco does an incredible job both portraying Ginsberg and giving his poem an impassioned reading.
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Shortly after his arrival for a long-anticipated fourteen-month stay in India, Allen Ginsberg records in his journal a dream in which he imagines himself atop a hill of garbage.
Ginsberg, the appeals court found that the attorney acted in bad faith.
I write to protest the scandalously unfair review by Richard Canning of The Letters of Allen Ginsberg [Nov.
Left to right: Manhattan Residential's Shai Shustik, 140 Thompson Street, Elliman's Stanley Ginsberg.
For those who only know Ginsberg as a Beat poet and social radical, the literary allusions in the early letters will be surprising.
Dragonfly Teas, owner of Tick Tack organic rooibos tea, is profiting from health-conscious consumers looking to cut their caffeine intake at breakfast, according to company chairman Bruce Ginsberg.
Claire Hill talked to lead singer Owain Ginsberg about why they have also had their string of headaches