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Noun1.Giorgio Vasari - Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)Giorgio Vasari - Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)
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Vasari is inspired by my favourite artist Giorgio Vasari, the Italian painter.
The Collector of Lives: Giorgio Vasari and the Invention of Art
Giorgio Vasari vio en la perspectiva la maldicion que habria de condenar a Paolo Uccello a la mediocridad.
In Arezzo, besides architectural monuments, there are noteworthy works of art by Donatello, Cimabue, Piero della Francesca, Giorgio Vasari, and Pietro Annigoni, among others; there is a gold museum that speaks to the city's long involvement in the jewelry-making industry.
Vinceti also bases his theory on claims by 16th Italian art historian and painter Giorgio Vasari that Gherardini's husband hired clowns to try to make her smile for the sitting.
Giorgio Vasari, in his Lives of the Artists published in 1568, described the painting as a general account of philosophy.
Giorgio Vasari and the Birth of the Museum, Farnham, Ashgate, 2014; hardback; pp.
She has published on Vittoria Colonna, Properzia de' Rossi, and Giorgio Vasari, and currently is working on Vasari's accounts of cities in his Lives of the Artists.
In the wake of Patricia Rubin's quintessential Giorgio Vasari Art and History (Yale, 1995), and recent celebrations honoring Vasari's fifth centenary in 2011, Vasari studies have arguably become their own academic industry and it is difficult to maintain a neutral position about Vasari and.
Asimismo, los historiadores de fines del siglo XIX y el XX designaron con el termino de manierismo a las diversas maniere, maneras o estilos personales o propios de los artifices que trabajaron con posterioridad al logro de la perfeccion divulgada por el artista, teorico e historiador Giorgio Vasari y sus contemporaneos, y cuya obra coincide con las crisis politicas y religiosas acaecidas en Europa despues de 1520.
Titian was born in Cadore, a small town on the River Piave, five miles from the pass through the Alps, to the Vecelli family, one of the noblest in those parts," wrote Giorgio Vasari in his Lives of the Artists.
Giorgio Vasari was in many ways the first to write extensively about art in the "modern style," and he could be proscriptive as well as lavish in praise.