Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

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Noun1.Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Italian painter (1696-1770)Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Italian painter (1696-1770)    
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Dressed in street clothes, his models were asked to assume poses from the paintings of Renaissance masters, such as Tiziano Vecellio and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Wiley describes his approach as 'interrogating the notion of the master painter, at once critical and complicit.'
In the 18th century, the leading Venetian painter was Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770) (6-8).
This is nowhere better revealed than in his 14-year battle for the restitution of one of his great-grandfather's paintings, stolen from his grandmother's apartment in Paris in 1979 --The Miracle of St Anthony, an oil sketch for an altarpiece of around 1754-56 by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Fig.
One suite, the Alcova Tiepolo Suite (103 sq m), has frescoes painted by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo in 1750 with hand-painted chinoiserie wall panels.
Sebastiano Magnanini, 46, stole PS2million work Education of the Virgin by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo from a Venice church in 1993.