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Stephen, 1750–1831, U.S. merchant, banker, and philanthropist, born in France.
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Noun1.Girard - United States financier (born in France) who helped finance the War of 1812 (1750-1831)Girard - United States financier (born in France) who helped finance the War of 1812 (1750-1831)
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Untermann, a revolutionist, in July, 1903, published a pamphlet at Girard, Kansas, on the "Militia Bill.
Near the city, is a most splendid unfinished marble structure for the Girard College, founded by a deceased gentleman of that name and of enormous wealth, which, if completed according to the original design, will be perhaps the richest edifice of modern times.
Among their topics are neither Dawkins for Durkheim: on Girard's theory of religion, Girard and the feminist critique of religion: intimate mediation in Kristeva and Girard, sacrifice as a contested concept between R.
com)-- After the long awaited return of Tama Girard music, 2018 looks to be the year where all the lessons, experience & industry know-how will pay off for Girard- From his string of consecutive works from some of the most prestigious companies in the world, such as Sony Home Entertainment, Alliance Entertainment and Major motion picture film houses, to his one-on-one writing/production sessions with Rhode Island locals.
Girard Securities has decided to become an independent advisor group affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, and to wind down its own broker-dealer platform.
Michael Girard, 47, pleaded guilty Thursday in Lane County Circuit Court to a felony charge of second-degree sexual abuse, five counts of misdemeanor third-degree sexual abuse and three counts of delivering controlled substances to a minor.
Roland Girard, Cochrane, Ontario, uses a steel pipe mounted on his loader bucket to make holes for fence posts, and then uses the bucket itself to push the posts in.
The preservation of the State Route 20 (Ridge Road) Bridge over Elk Creek in Girard Township and the Borough of Girard, Erie County.
I have been disappointed by the lack of an informed response to the recent passing of the Stanford University professor and French intellectual Rene Girard Nov.
We reviewed the analyses of the current situation, especially in terms of the Syrian crisis and the condition of refugees," Girard indicated following the meeting.
Global Banking News-March 23, 2015--RCS Capital completes acquisition of Girard Securities
Scott Cowdell, Rene Girard and Secular Modernity: Christ, Culture, and Crisis.