Girder bridge

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a bridge formed by girders, or by trusses resting upon abutments or piers.
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The implementation phase i for the "special cranes conveyor technology" essentially comprises the delivery and ready-to-use assembly of the following services listed in accordance with annex b520: 1 piece single girder suspended overhead crane 5 000 kg with curved track 2 piece single-girder suspended overhead crane 5 000 kg 2 pieces single-girder suspended overhead crane 10 000 kg 2 pieces single girder overhead traveling crane 10 000 kg 1 piece double-girder bridge crane 32 000 kg, With auxiliary 5 t 2 pieces double girder bridge crane 80 000 kg 1 piece double girder bridge crane 80 000 kg with curved track.
The new bridges opened to traffic in October 2016, replacing a previous plate girder bridge built in 1967 that was deemed not as safe for traffic, with more narrow shoulders that lead to lane closures when disabled cars needed to get over to the side or during routine maintenance.
Designs for the bridge mean that a segmental construction technique will be necessary, with a 1,400m segmental twin box girder bridge on the Deira side of the project.
The bridge on River Jhajjar is the longest steel girder bridge in India with a height of 85 meters.
The topics include dynamic amplification factor measuring of T-girder bridges, vehicle-bridge coupling vibration of equal-span girder bridges of different span number, detecting damage based on correlation characteristics of acceleration response, the seismic performance analysis of a multi-span continuous-girder bridge under multi-excitation, and the impact analysis of the flexural rigidity on the frequency and tension of the stay cable.
The best representative, the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge in Palau with the main span of 241 m, completed in 1977, was the longest prestressed concrete girder bridge in the world at that time.
Under the project, which begins this month, the present two-lane swing span steel truss bridge will be demolished and replaced with a four lane, pedestrian paths steel girder bridge for boats to travel underneath without disrupting traffic.
The suspension bridge may well be one of the oldest forms of bridges in the world, but the railway bridge shown in the photo isn't a suspension bridge, but a trussed girder bridge.
It is a 730-metre long box girder bridge which carries the M53 over the A554 roundabout and the Birkenhead to New Brighton railway.
The existing bridge, built in 1955 is a nine-span reinforced concrete girder bridge.
TWO new sections of the National Cycle Network will be opened tomorrow on the short girder bridge over the A470 north of Taffs Well railway station.