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n.1.See Gyre.
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"You're seeing a lot of little decisions being made by these distributed ganglia, just by watching the arm move, so one of the first things we're doing is trying to break down what that movement actually looks like, from a computational perspective," Gire said.
Stratton, Donald and Ken Gire. All the Gallant Men.
Le ministere delegue charge de l'eau et de l'environnement et la Wilaya de Marrakech ont lance, vendredi, le projet d'elaboration d'une convention de Gestion integree des ressources en eau (GIRE) au niveau du bassin hydraulique Haouz-Mejjat, qui abrite la principale nappe phreatique de la region qui s'etend sur le territoire de six provinces.
The Grupo de Informacion en Reproduccion Elegida (GIRE) has successfully litigated such cases in state courts, with positive outcomes.
" She added: "Violet used to live in South Africa with her husband and they had a pet gire called Tigi, who she adored and still talks about today.
said Rebecca Fletcher, director at the GIRE. ''They're reading articles about how good real estate is.
Their decision came after two Catholic hospitals in Cologne, Germany refused to gire a woman, who claimed she was raped, the morning-after pill.
* Grupo de Informacion sobre Reproduccion Elegida, GIRE (Mexico, 1994-1997)