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This article starts by presenting the case history of a woman prosecuted for illegal abortion, whose case was taken up by GIRE, as an example of how the law is being used against women in Mexico today.
GIRE found out about the case through the media and offered her legal defence free of charge, which she accepted.
c) In view of her rejection of the guilty ruling, GIRE helped Hilda appeal the sentence before the Supreme Court of San Luis Potosi.
GIRE has also set up a telephone help line and paid for advertisements on trains.
This workshop shared, analyzed and reflected on the experiences of GIRE, presenting the political, institutional and communicational strategies that have been key in promoting the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico and for improving access to sexual and reproductive health services.
The active participation of GIRE in the women's movement has been of vital importance in promoting the recognition of women's right to choose a safe and legal abortion.
In order to share their experience and contribute to building strategies in Chile, the team from GIRE presented a workshop under the direction of the group's founder, Marta Lamas, and GIRE's current director, Maria Luisa Sanchez.
Thanks also to Jennifer Paine of GIRE for reviewing and translating this paper from Spanish to English.
Prepared with support from GIRE, the video My Body, My Freedom: The Legal Interruption of Pregnancy in Mexico City recounts the historic, legal and social process that led to the approval of the legislative reforms allowing the legal interruption of pregnancy in Mexico City at a woman's request.
GIRE El diagnostico prenatal y el aborto Mexico: GIRE, 2005.