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(Italian dʒirˈdʒɛnti)
(Placename) a former name (until 1927) of Agrigento


(ˌɑ griˈdʒɛn tɔ)

a city in S Italy. 51,931.
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Gregory Girgenti Associate Real Estate Broker Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Based in the Babylon office of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Gregory Girgenti has more than nine years of real estate experience serving home buyers and sellers.
Poco prima di morire il grande musicologo mi scriveva: "Penso sempre a quello che la pazienza ci potrebbe dare la gioia di scoprire nelle piccole biblioteche fra Bolzano e Girgenti.
En mayo de 1868 se casa con Cayetano Maria de Borbon dos Sicilias, conde de Girgenti, de 22 anos, hijo de Fernando II y de la Archiduquesa Maria Teresa de Austria, y medio hermano del derrocado rey de las dos Sicilias, Francisco II.
Girgenti V, Restano L, Arcangeli F, Cambiaghi S, Gelmetti C.
PROS, a revenue and profit realization company, today announced that Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Stefan Schulz, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Tim Girgenti, will present at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in Las Vegas.
Trouble falling asleep was associated with a decrease in feelings of happiness, increased feelings of self-hatred, and lower self-esteem (Brooks, Girgenti, & Milles, 2009).
Sleep deprivation can lead to depressive symptoms and poor academic performance (Brooks, Girgenti, & Mills, 2009; Buboltz, Brown, & Soper, 2001; Forquer, Camden, Gabriau, & Johnson, 2008).
Self-report data from surveys showed significant relationships between stress and altered sleep patterns, depression (Brooks, Girgenti, & Mills, 2009), illness (Matheny, Ashby, & Cupp, 2005) and use of health services (Roddenberry & Renk, 2010).
Along with Perkins, the Latham team included New York corporate partner Ted Sonnenschein, Chicago finance partner Gary Axelrod, New York technology transactions counsel Carrie Girgenti and Washington, D.
There was a general recognition [within the market] that pricing itself is really more of a sales motion," says Tim Girgenti, chief strategy officer at PROS.
Ermanno Pacagnini in his article Il Manzoni di Camilleri states Il Re di Girgenti and I promessi sposi share sources, suggestions and critical perspectives as well as narrative typology, such as the linguistic pastiche which both use for great effect in certain parts of the novel (Paccagnini 112).
Alla fine del secolo, la discussione a proposito delFUnita e ancora aperta, se, nel 1894, Cario Badolati pubblica, a Girgenti, la seconda edizione de Lo stato d'assedio in Sicilia e i suoi effetti e, nel 1895, appare Fino alio stato d'assalto.