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Noun1.Giriama - a Bantu language spoken in the coastal regions of eastern Kenya
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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He has researched and published on the Giriama, Swahili and Luo of Kenya and Zanzibar/Tanzania, and on Islam, healing traditions, religion, spatiality, entrepreneurship, ethical dilemmas, cross-cultural semantics and sociolinguistic diversity.
Let us draw here on examples from two regions of Kenya, two dance genres belonging to two communities: isukuti dance of the Isukha and Idakho Luhya communities (24) in Western Kenya and gonda dance of the Giriama Mijikenda community (25) in the coastal region and coastal hinterland.
Performers also come from the Maasai and Kalenjin tribes in the great-rift valley province, besides the Giriama and Digo tribes in coast province.
Matson, Nandi Resistance to British Rule 1890-1906 (Nairobi: East African Publishing House, 1972); Cynthia Brantley, The Giriama and Colonial Resistance in Kenya, 1800-1920 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981).
Tuo metu 1975-1976 metu lietuviskoje spaudoje rajonas pazymimas del geriausio gyvenamosios ir visuomenines statybos zonavimo ir giriama pasiekta bendra rajono erdvine turine kompozicija (Zinkevicius 1975; Pociulpaite 1975; Balciunas 1976).
its syntax is basically Swahili, but through ingenious code-switching, it draws from the phonology, morphology and lexicon of Kenyan languages spoken in the city such as, but not restricted to, Luo, Gikuyu, Ma(a)sai, Luhya, and coastal languages such as Giriama and Taita.
We have Me Kitilili, the leader of the Giriama people's resistance.
If you treat Pasagarda law or the Common Law Movement or Giriama or Chagga disputing processes and discursive practices as examples of institutionalized normative orders that exist as a social fact it is not necessary to inquire about their validity, legitimacy, justice, or authority.
In Bildad Kaggia, Mwangi writes of an Asian named Makhan Singh, and Fred Kubai, who was half Kikuyu and half Giriama, as having "started organising all trade unions to weaken the power of the British government" (72).
The Giriama mainly live in mud-walled and makuti-thatched houses which are sparsely spaced.
They were all members of the same family and performed in the Giriama traditional dance troupe.