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Girl Guide

A member of the Girl Guides, a British organization of young women and girls founded in 1910.

Girl Guide

(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) See Guide

Girl′ Guide′

a member of a British organization of girls founded as a sister organization of the Girl Scouts.
مُرشِدة الفَتَيات
kız izci


(gəːl) noun
1. a female child. Her new baby is a girl.
2. a young usually unmarried woman.
ˈgirlish adjective
of or like a girl. girlish laughter.
ˈgirl-friend noun
a girl or woman who is often in the company of a particular man or boy. He is taking his girl-friend to the cinema tonight.
Girl Guide (also Guide), (American) Girl Scout
(also no capitals) a member of an organization for girls which is aimed at developing character etc.
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The Sharjah Girl Guides has taken part in the UAE Innovation Month activities in Sharjah with two highly advanced projects, using their technical skills to design and create workable models of specialised public services and facilities.
She said that Girl guides had always been on the fore-front in serving the mankind in various important occasions.
The Scientium STEM Camp was held from 10 to 13 July 2017 and included more than 25 Girl Guides between the ages of 11 and 15 from across NSW and the ACT.
The Girl Guides movement was established in Sharjah in 1973 when the first camp was held by ambitious women leaders who sought to develop girls' full potential and to empower them to become effective members of society.
The meeting discussed mechanisms of joint cooperation in relation to programs and self-development of girl guides, as well as reviewing the achievements and projects, which were made by the Sultanate's scouts and girl guides.
She is pictured above proudly showing her award to fellow members of the 1st Ormesby Girl Guides Group in 1980
The Girl Guides congregated at Bradley Woods campsite to celebrate World Thinking Day, February 22, which marks the joint birthdays of Robert and Olave Baden-Powell, founders of the Scout and Guide movements.
The Sharjah Girl Guides organized this event to enable the Girl Guides' mothers to get together and become acquainted with one another.
Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, National Commissioner Pakistan Girl Guides Association administered the oath, and in her welcome address, expressed gratitude to Begum Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif for becoming a part of the Association, according to press release issued by the PM Office here.
Two years ago, more than 10 million Girl Guides and Scouts said their ideal world would be one where boys are equal to girls.
GIRL Guides from Tyneside are claiming victory in their battle to keep religion as part of their oath.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi with the participation of around 300 girl guides from across the six countries of the GCC states.