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a village in SE Iraq, between the lower Tigris and Euphrates: site of the ancient Sumerian city of Lagash.
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2120 BC (neo-Sumerian period), Tello, ancient Girsu (Iraq), diorite, ht 107cm.
D, Antinoopolis, Bactrian Princess statue - end of third or beginning of second millennium BC Central Asia, a statue of Gudea, the Prince of Lagash, from the Neo-Sumerian period, 2125 - 2110 BC in Ancient Girsu, now known as Iraq, as well as an ancient statue of the Sphinx, which dates back to the 6th century BC.
Propone el autor que el desarrollo alcanzado por las cooperativas de cartoneros fue recogido por Organizaciones No Gubernamentales (ONG) y agencias estatales que las transformaron en modalidades de gestion replicables llevando a lo que denomina vernaculizacion de los modelos de GIRSU, que estuvo marcada tambien por formas de inclusion.
The four photos capture views of the Iraqi archaeological site of Girsu, where scarce water resources provoked war in 2,600 BC.
2014) "III Jornadas Nacionales GIRSU Chubut 2013 Experiencias nacionales en: Gestion integral de residuos solidos" San Martin: Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial.
The museum includes a statue of Gudea, Ruler of Iraqi ancient City of Girsu, in the year 2300 BC, a location for copper mining, another for shell jewelry, another for the primitive fishing equipment in Ras Al Jinz area and a location for incense and beauty materials.
Their topics include the emergence of the Ghassulian textile industry in the southern Levant Chalcolithic Period about 4500-3900 BC, the crescent shaped loom weight as evidence for technology and palace economy in Middle Bronze Age Anatolia, considering the finishing of textiles based on neo-Sumerian inscription from Girsu, tapestries in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages of the Ancient Near East, and the whorls from Ugarit at the Musee d'Archeologie Nationale and at the Louvre.
The Neo-Sumerian tablet (HS 201), also already published, belongs to a homogenous group of six extant tables of reciprocals from Nippur and Girsu.
El sistema de GIRSU cubre un conjunto de criterios y procesos, pero no en todos participa de igual manera la IP.
The average wheat yield in Girsu in the Tigris valley in 2400 B.
Summary: TELLO, Iraq: Staring out at the ancient Sumerian city of Girsu, in the midst of the Iraqi desert, with the sun beating down, Philippe Cousin breathlessly exclaims, "It's extraordinary.