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v. t.1.To feed or pasture.
n.1.Guise; manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He seemed to hesitate whether to apolo- gise, met my eyes, and went on: "There's food all about here.
Three years later, Gise met Miguel Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who became a petroleum engineer for Exxon.
BEIRUT: "Culture, for a photographer," as French photographer GisE le Freund once remarked, "is more important than technique." Freund's sentiments are aptly illustrated in "Samak, Laban, Tamarhindi" (Fish, Yogurt, Tamarind), an exhibition of photographs exploring six different cultures by Beirut's Mohannad Khatib.
GisE le Halimi, who met Interim Prime Minister Beji CaE[macron]d Essebsi, said she was moved at revisiting her "country, (her) native land," and at meeting again "an old friend, a modest man and a great patriot who will be the best shield against unrest, extremism and, above all else, against back-sliding."
Cindy Gise, vice president at Prudential Douglas Elliman: Another considerable compounding factor is going to be the lack of bonuses on Wall Street which may lead to less transactions and a further increase of inventory.
GisE le Halimi won fame by founding a feminist group, Choisir (To Choose) in 1971 which, by its robust campaigning, greatly influenced the passing of a law in 1974 allowing contraception and abortion.
Many women believe they have this disorder, however, prospective assessment often reveals some other problem which has been mislabelled as PMS (Dennerstein et al., 1988; Gise, Lebovits, Paddison & Strain, 1990; Schnurr, 1989).
I wished I can be in that play like you gise. P.S.," she added, "please send a odagraf."
New tips (such as "hammerheads" to measure lateral forces) and new capabilities in surface friction, metrology, and defect analysis will spur AFM's growth, says Peter Gise, Park Scientific Instruments, Sunnyvale, CA.
American Glace, Skinny Dip, Gise (pronounced jhee-ZAY).
"It says I have to apolo gise by 4pm or something absurd like that.