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 (mī′krō-glē′ə, -glī′-)
Small neuroglial cells of the central nervous system that have long processes and act as phagocytes at sites of neural damage or inflammation, destroying pathogens and damaged cells.

mi′cro·gli′al adj.


(Anatomy) one of the two types of non-nervous tissue (glia) found in the central nervous system, having macrophage activity. Compare macroglia
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Noun1.microglia - neuroglial tissue of mesodermal origin that can become phagocyticmicroglia - neuroglial tissue of mesodermal origin that can become phagocytic
glia, neuroglia - sustentacular tissue that surrounds and supports neurons in the central nervous system; glial and neural cells together compose the tissue of the central nervous system
microgliacyte - a cell of the microglia that may become phagocytic and collect waste products of nerve tissue
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In the gray matter, near the central canal and mostly dorsally, malacia with gitter cells and activated endothelial cells were present (Figs 6 and 7).
Encephalitis (Figure 2C) was evidenced by perivascular infiltrate composed of large perivascular cuffs formed by plasma cells, lymphocytes and Gitter cells in the gray matter of the frontal and parietal cortices in Sheep 3 and only in the frontal cortex in Sheep 6.