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Noun1.Giuseppe Garibaldi - Italian patriot whose conquest of Sicily and Naples led to the formation of the Italian state (1807-1882)Giuseppe Garibaldi - Italian patriot whose conquest of Sicily and Naples led to the formation of the Italian state (1807-1882)
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Philippine Honorary Consul Danilo Cannas of Cagliari informed the Philippine Embassy in Rome that at least six online news publications in Cagliari cited the local Filipino community for its clean-up of a public plaza named after Italys famous military general and nationalist, Giuseppe Garibaldi.
His portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the general, politician and nationalist who played a key role in the unification of Italy, is in the Garibaldi Museum in Sardinia.
Abril al alba, para soprano y tenor solistas, coro y orquesta sinfonica, lleva textos de Porfirio Diaz, Delfina Ortega (entonces la novia de este), Benito Juarez, Victor Hugo y Giuseppe Garibaldi.
The cluster of seven islands was once the domain of pirates and political refugees, and freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi spent the last 15 years of his life on the second largest island, Caprera.
This beard style, characterised by having a thick, full, long, and rounded-at-the-bottom beard worn with a stache, is attributed to Giuseppe Garibaldi, a legendary Italian politician and nationalist from the 1800s who was as famous for his big beard and long stache, as he was for his exemplary politics.
And perhaps the Giuseppe Garibaldi can join our local McHale's Navy outfit just outside Liepaja.
The Italian revolutionary and political leader Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) lived there from 1851 to 1853.
Most political British Liberals (and some Conservatives) also welcomed the creation of a United Kingdom of Italy by leaders such as Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Named after one of Italy's founding fathers and the first president of the association, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the building was also used as a library and theater hall for many years.
Helped the Prime Minister Camillo Benso di Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi, he initiated its involvement in European politics.
37) Giuseppe Garibaldi, Autobiography of Giuseppe Garibaldi,