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1. A concession made by a labor union during contract negotiations: "The contract ... which called for a giveback of five sick days, was defeated by a ratio of more than 2 to 1" (New York Times).
2. Something that is rebated or returned: a tax giveback.


(Commerce) commerce US a reduction in wages in return for some other benefit, in time of recession


or give′-back`,

1. (in union negotiations) a reduction in employee wages or benefits conceded by a union in exchange for other benefits or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
2. something returned, rebated, etc.
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Superior Court Judge Anthony D'Elia said on March 26 that such payments "would create unacceptable possibilities for abuse and fraud and cannot be permitted for reasons of public policy." He said no statutory authority exists for givebacks under the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (LRHL).
Show themes include women's issues, home improvements, military givebacks, health, business solutions, and motivation.
Congratulations," an applauding Commissioner Steve Mital said in response to the proposed givebacks. "That's fantastic.
The "savings" assume that the fossil facilities remain operational out into the future and that Eversource continues to collect its 9.5+ percent return (out of which comes the $25 million in "givebacks").
In a statement, union leaders said the sought-for concessions were too much for pilots who had also agreed to givebacks when the former AMR was in bankruptcy in 2012.
As a community-centric financial institution dedicated to charitable givebacks, GSCU was quick to agree to donate money for the adult prizes, as well as Savings Bonds for the children's prizes.
From the givebacks that I got here, without having anything, that was my giveback....
If we demand "best use" thinking over silly personal givebacks, this unwarranted commercial expansion will go the way of other special-interest moves.
We believe these massive givebacks were not justified at all by the owners, especially given recent projections by Moody's that NFL media revenues are expected to double to about 8 BILLION per year during the next TV deal.
The statement follows Monday's close guild rejection of a concession package that included an 8.3% salary cut, a week-long furlough and other givebacks. The Times has since said it plans to implement a 23% salary reduction.
Automotive sales, thanks to a combination of higher gas prices and consumer hesitation, have plummeted to the point that the Big Three domestic auto manufactures are asking for a federal bailout and looking for dramatic givebacks from their unions just to stay in business.
Unions in any industry are loath to contemplate givebacks. Even when firms have declared bankruptcy or are on the verge of doing so, as in the airline and auto parts industries in recent years, union leaders frequently resist concessions on wages, benefits, or work conditions.