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An ancient village of Palestine near Jerusalem. In the Bible, its inhabitants were condemned by Joshua to serve as manual laborers for the Israelites.

Gib′e·o·nite′ n.


(Placename) an ancient town of Palestine: the excavated site thought to be its remains lies about 9 kilometres (6 miles) northwest of Jerusalem


(ˈgɪb i ən)

a town in ancient Palestine, NW of Jerusalem. Josh. 9:3.
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One of the children detained at Givon prison, Ahmad Nasser, 17, told Addameer that on October 5, while he was on his way home from school in Jerusalem, a dozen Israeli soldiers and police officers savagely beat him.
Ghattas and Marzuki have been released but most of Marianne's crew are still being held in Givon prison in Israel.
Others doubt the existence of evidentiality as an independent semantic category (Bybee, Perkins, Pagliuca 1994; Givon 2001: 326-329; de Haan 2005).
Cerebral 10 [+ or -] 4 Self-pace 2009 [16] palsy Givon et al.
The term 'categorial space' describes the focus of the paper with a term used by Givon (1993) in his prototype-based description of word-classes in English.
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Definite reference is viewed as inducing the inherent presupposition that the speaker and the addressee share information pertaining to the familiarity, locatability and unique or inclusive identifiability of the referent of the NP within a particular discourse (Jackendoff 1972; Heim 1982; Givon 1995; Lyons, 1999; Cruse 2000).
As Pustet (2003:17) notes, at present there are two main approaches to the issue, namely the models of Givon (1979:320-23; 1984: ch.
The Honley woman spent five days in a cell in Givon Prison in Israel after taking part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration.
But they were held at passport control, handcuffed and taken to Givon Prison's immigration detention centre.
In Givon prison the authorities tried to disorientate us through sleep deprivation and the removal of our watches and the prison clock recording the wrong time.
I write to you from cell 9, block 59 Givon Prison near Ramla in Occupied Palestine", the letter stated.