Gizzard shad

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(Zool.) an American herring (Dorosoma cepedianum) resembling the shad, but of little value.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has authorized the District to remove gizzard shad from lakes Apopka and George.
Gizzard shad, johnny darter, and yellow bullhead did not differ significantly in trophic position between habitats.
Key words: sand pit, biomass, common carp, gizzard shad, Nebraska, rotenone, standardized sampling, electrofishing, gill nets, trap nets
In contrast, larvae of gizzard shad, a freshwater species, were 4 times more abundant in 2000 than in 2001.
Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum Lesueur 1818) and a commercially manufactured, formulated crawfish bait (Purina Jumbo, product code 5195; Purina Mills, Inc.
They support typical temperate warmwater fish communities with abundant populations of gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum), sunfishes (Lepomis spp.
peers into the shallow waterway looking for gizzard shad.
The north flowing Tennessee River brings up threadfin shad, smaller and tastier than the tough northern gizzard shad common to other lakes at this latitude.
Wooley described his main area as a bar in the middle of a creek that has mussel beds and gizzard shad feeding there in the morning.
More than 300,000 shad have passed over the Hadley Falls Fish Lift, along with at least 621 blueback herring, 195 gizzard shad, 10 striped bass, 5,540 sea lamprey and 12 Atlantic salmon.
The stocking program has been successful because of Lake Talquin's abundant forage of threadfin and gizzard shad, and poor natural reproduction," said FWC biologist Andy Strickland.
Twelve species were collected only in pools and included black bullhead, black crappie, blackstripe topminnow, brown bullhead, flathead catfish, gizzard shad, orange-spotted sunfish, pumpkinseed, quillback, red-ear sunfish, spotted sucker, and white sucker.