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Noun1.G. K. Chesterton - conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasionG. K. Chesterton - conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion; in addition to volumes of criticism and polemics he wrote detective novels featuring Father Brown (1874-1936)
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1874: GK Chesterton, author and poet, was born in Kensington, London.
Pte Chesterton, who was 39 when he succumbed to the kidney problem nephritis, was the younger brother of GK Chesterton, author of the Father Brown books.
Based on the novels by GK Chesterton, in the first of tonight's double bill, a man is murdered at the unveiling of a new church clock.
RADIO 1'S GREG JAMES READS TODAY'S POEM AT mirror.co.uk Elegy in a Country Churchyard By GK Chesterton The men that worked for England They have their graves at home: And bees and birds of England About the cross can roam.
The show, based on the stories by GK Chesterton, is sold worldwide and made at the BBC Birmingham Drama Village.
Just for the fun of it VVGOOGLING a runner Saffron Park 7.30 Kempton Saffron Park in GK Chesterton's novel The Man Who Was Thursday was based on Bedford Park, a suburban development in the London borough of Ealing.
"BUT we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet" - GK Chesterton.
Lothian, a history professor at the University of Binghamton in New York, presents a comprehensive history of English Catholic thinkers such as Hilaire Belioc, GK Chesterton, Eric Gill and Evelyn Waugh.
THERE was a time, in the early 20th Century, when GK Chesterton was a very famous author.
The answers to September's brainteaser are: a) Amanda (in Private Lives by Noel Coward) b) Gustav Mahler (quoted in his biography by Blaukopf) c) Cyril Conno (Ideas and places) d) Captain Robert Falcon Scott in his biography e) GK Chesterton (What I saw in America) f) Hilaire Belloc (Paris)