n.1.(Bot.) Sword grass; any plant with sword-shaped leaves, especially the European Iris fœtidissima.
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Our designs are no longer limited by the size and weight restrictions presented by our former facility," says JEL Chief Engineer Roger Gladen.
Led by institute scientists Walter Rogan and Beth Gladen, both now retired, the study aimed to gather data on health effects in infants who were exposed via breast milk to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and to DDT14--which by then had been banned.
BLP-UM Director Paul Gladen connected Henry with several UM business professors who provided their time and expertise to guide Henry through the complexities of raising capital and marketing high-tech.
This calculation was done as described by Rogan and Gladen (1978) (23).
17 Gladen reported one out of 10 mothers in Taiwan (Yusheng accident) who were heavily exposed to environmental toxin polyhalogenetated aromatic hydro- carbons (PCB), polychlorinated dibenzofuran (PCDF) gave birth to infants having natal teeth.
In particular, several authors from evangelical mega-churches in the United States have published popular books on small groups, highlighting core principles for developing healthy small group functioning, such as offering support and encouragement, fostering an ideal environment to become more like Christ, and implementing strategies to share the gospel message with others (Donahue, 2002; Gladen, 2011; House, 2011; Stanley & Willits, 2004).
2004; Gladen 2008; Stiefl und von Westerholt 2008).
Fairy web maker Gladen was already mulling what to wear next Saturday at Holiday Market, where the vendors at long last get to peel off layer after layer and get dressed up in velvet and other beautiful things, she said.
Davis JW, Parks SN, Kaups K, Gladen H, O'Donnel-Nichol SRN.
For example, one article summarized the benefits and drawbacks to using social networking sites for recruiting, and it included suggestions on how firms can improve their online activities (Paul Gladen and Teresa Beed, "Talent-Tempting Web Sites," Journal of Accountancy, April 2007).
As Sparafucile, Andrea Silvestrelli was a frightening, ghost-like and threatening presence when he introduced himself to Rigoletto, and as Maddelena, Kendall Gladen had enough vocal force for the counterpoint in the famous quartet and .