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Noun1.William Gladstone - liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)William Gladstone - liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)
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Along with its core Advisory business, Gladstone built an industry-leading web-based Valuation and Business Process Improvement software suite, Gladstone's eValuation Index(TM), which was sold to Boston-based FinTech firm Truelytics in Q4 2016.
The near proximity of the centennial of William Gladstone's death [1998] and the bicentennial of his birth [2009] has proven that, though new perspectives on Gladstone's life are virtually inexhaustible, satisfying explanations are harder to find.
This volume contains papers from a conference held at Chester in 2009 to commemorate the bicentenary of Gladstone's birth.
Since her mother's death, thirteen year old Gwen Gladstone's life has spiraled downwards.
It is divided into four broad themes: 'British dimensions', which place Irish issues in a broader context; 'Irish settings', which address more directly Gladstone's relationship with Ireland; 'Matters of the mind', which examines the intellectual underpinnings of Gladstone's politics, and 'The world beyond', exploring Gladstone's attitude to imperialism in general and India in particular.
Indeed, after Gladstone's last government, no-one would have prophesised that Britain would have moved from the least centralised to what became the most centralised welfare state in the world after Mr Attlee's Gover nment.
Drawn from papers delivered at a conference sponsored by the Department of Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of Gladstone's birth, this collection of essays examines the famed British Prime Minister's important relationship with Ireland.
Disraeli had hoped to win the working classes for the Tories, but it was Gladstone's new party that ascended.
Among those present was blind Liverpool historian Steve Binns, who said he was embarking on the Herculean task of transcribing all of Gladstone's 70 years' worth of diaries into Braille.
But the details Windscheffel gives us of Gladstone's own library are of greatest interest.
Madison Equities, originally Madison, LLC, was founded in 1997, a spin-off Gladstone's parents' construction business, Madison Company.
Shannon cleverly mixes the personal with the political aspects of Gladstone's career and provides a brisk and well-informed narrative of events.