insulin glargine

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insulin glar·gine

A long-acting insulin analog whose amino acid sequence differs from that of human insulin by the substitution of glycine for asparagine at one end of the A chain and the addition of two arginines to the B chain, used in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

[gl(ycine) + arg(inin)ine.]
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The highest cross-reactivity was for insulin glargine on the Advia Centaur, with 152% cross-reactivity at 300 mlU/L.
In research presented for the first time at the ADA annual meeting, glycemic control was significantly more stable in patients using insulin pumps, as compared to those using injections with a combination of glargine, a long-acting insulin and insulin lispro.
Hoechst Marion Roussel (Bridgewater, NJ; 908-231-5752) announced that it has submitted insulin glargine, a long-acting, once-daily basal insulin, for the approval of both the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicinal Evaluations Agency.
com/research/95fad3/insulin_glargine) has announced the addition of the "Insulin Glargine - Comprehensive patent search" report to their offering.
That was according to the quality-of-life questionnaires that were completed by patients with type 2 diabetes, whose blood sugar was not controlled on insulin glargine U100 with metformin, and took part in the DUAL VII clinical trial.
Other differences between the addition to basal insulin of a GLP-IRA vs prandial insulin were observed in the 12-week 4B trial by Diamant et al in patients with inadequate glycemic control with glargine and metformin.
The following day, the EMDAC recommended in a 12-2 vote to approve Sanofi-Aventis' new fixed-dose combination of lixisenatide and insulin glargine (Lantus), also indicated as an add-on to lifestyle management for type 2 diabetes.
This article proposes objective parameters, and suggests a simple checklist, using history, physical examination, and investigations, to help choose the appropriate preparation, viz degludec, detemir, glargine or NPH insulin, for persons requiring basal insulin.
WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration last month approved Basaglar, the first "follow-on" insulin glargine product to treat diabetes.
PHOENIX -- Patients with type 1 diabetes given high doses of once-daily insulin degludec had fewer episodes of nocturnal hypoglycemia than did those who received a similar dose of insulin glargine, a meta-analysis of two randomized trials has shown.
We compared the abilities of glargine and human premix insulin to reduce HbA1c to 7% when added to ongoing oral therapy and the hypoglycemia accompanying this effort using a simple algorithm for insulin dosage titration seeking fasting blood glucose (FBG) target of 100 mg/dl.