Glasgow coma scale

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Glasgow Coma Scale

A scale for measuring level of consciousness, especially after a head injury, in which scoring is determined by three factors: the ability to open the eyes, verbal responsiveness, and motor responsiveness.

[After the University of Glasgow, Scotland, where it was developed.]
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Glas·gow co·ma scale

n. escala de coma de Glasgow, método para evaluar el grado de un estado de coma.
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The patient's neurologic status rapidly deteriorated (Glascow Coma Scale score of 5), and he required intubation.
(1) Various criteria that have been proposed include multiple facial fractures (Lefort II or III), (8) mandible fractures, (9) basilar skull fractures, (8,9) a closed head injury and potential diffuse axonal injury (8), diminished Glascow Coma Scale (suggested ranges vary)8, cervical spine injury, (8,9) near hanging with anoxia, (8) and seat belt or clothesline type injuries associated with pain, A recent meta-analysis found significant associations between CAD and cervical or thoracic trauma but not with other criteria examined.
The Glascow coma scale was found to be 15 and systemic examination and vital findings were found to be normal.
At first the patient Glascow Coma Scale (GCS) was 3 and her blood pressure undetectable with cyanotic and hypothermic extremitie.
Their average Glascow Coma Scale score changed from 8 at baseline to 6.1 at discharge, Dr.
* Glascow Coma Scale = a neurological scale that aims to give a reliable, objective way of recording the conscious state of a person
A good example of structured and standardized data is the Glascow Coma Scale. Standard definitions are used for eye opening, motor, and verbal response parameters.
She presented with a Glascow Coma Scale score of 15, hemodynamically stable and had no other injuries.
Physical exam showed a sick woman, her temperature was 35[grados]C, pulse rate 88 beats/min, respiratory rate 8 breaths/min, blood pressure 170/110 mm Hg and the Glascow Coma Scale was 6/15 with ocular opening to the painful stimulus, without verbal response and retire movement in lefthanded to the painful stimulus.