Glasgow coma scale

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Glasgow Coma Scale

A scale for measuring level of consciousness, especially after a head injury, in which scoring is determined by three factors: the ability to open the eyes, verbal responsiveness, and motor responsiveness.

[After the University of Glasgow, Scotland, where it was developed.]

Glas·gow co·ma scale

n. escala de coma de Glasgow, método para evaluar el grado de un estado de coma.
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The FDA has determined that CEVA101 for the treatment of TBI with Glasgow Coma Score between 3 and 8 meets the criteria for RMAT designation.
On admission, she was in a state of somnolence; her Glasgow coma score was 12.
Observation of Mortality and Survival on the Basis of Glasgow Coma Score of Intracerebral Haemorrhage Patients at the Time of Presentation GCS Dead % Alive % Total <8 23 85.
9 Cardiovascular Hypotension MAP<70 Central Nervous System Glasgow Coma Score 13-14 Renal Creatinine (mg d[L.
All of the patients had a Glasgow Coma Score of 15 at the time of their clinical exam, so they would have been fully aware of any sensation or pain associated with the fracture and fully capable of communicating such.
Correlation between Glasgow coma score components and survival in patients with traumatic brain injury.
Level of consciousness was assessed using Glasgow coma score (GCS); 93% of patients had GCS of 9-15, and 7% had GCS of 8 or less.
However, in the case of mTBI/ concussions, the Glasgow Coma Score may not be particularly useful.
Her neurological examination revealed an altered mental state, with a Glasgow coma score of 11/15 (E3M4V4).
Upon arrival to medical evaluation the patient was found with dry skin and depressed Glasgow Coma Score.
2C, her Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) was (E4M6V5) 15, pupils were isochoric.
At admission to the department, the patient (weight 58 kg) was in a confused state and had a Glasgow coma score of 13/15, generalized convulsions, jaundice, and tachypnea (respiration rate 25 breaths/min), a body temperature of 38.
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