Glass coach

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a coach superior to a hackney-coach, hired for the day, or any short period, as a private carriage; - so called because originally private carriages alone had glass windows.
- Smart.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the princess made her way to the abbey in a glass coach. More than 2,000 guests were waiting, including the King and Queen of Sweden and Queen Ingrid of Denmark.
It was so expansive, the dress was crushed in the glass coach as she travelled to St Paul's Cathedral, with visible creases as she emerged.
Lauren Greenfield, Christina, 21, Walmart pharmacy technician, en route to her wedding in Cinderella's glass coach, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, 2013, ink-jet print, 48 x 72".
Bangkok Glass coach Kittinpong Porncha said facing the taller, mightier teams here is 'very, very difficult.
Let's challenge the new Government to send us a financial glass coach - and do it quickly before it turns into a pumpkin.
The most famous of which must be Cinderella's ball gown and glass slippers, fashion items which enhance Cinderella's magical quality while underlining her social status to anyone on hand to notice such things when she steps out of her glass coach, itself a reminder that those who design glass slippers (in this case the Fairy Godmother) can also turn pumpkins into coaches and frogs into footmen.
In fact, the train was so big, Diana and her dad had to squish into the glass coach that took them to St Paul's Cathedral.
Instead the Queen, 87, invited her cousin the Duke of Kent to join her in her 1881 glass coach for the journey along The Mall from Buckingham Palace.
The Queen invited her cousin, the Duke of Kent, to stand in for her husband and join her in her glass coach for the short journey from Buckingham Palace along The Mall.
The Duke of Kent accompanied the Queen in the glass coach, from which they waved and inspected the Household Cavalry.
He and Camilla were to travel to the grand state occasion in the palace's Glass Coach, which carried Charles and his first wife Diana to their wedding in 1981.
Thousands of people lined the streets of London and a worldwide TV audience of 500 million tuned in to catch a glimpse of the pageantry Miss Ferguson arrived at the 900-year-old church after riding from Clarence House in the Glass Coach with her father, Sir Ronald.