a.1.Mirror-faced; reflecting the sentiments of another.
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The modest glass-faced structure was used as offices by Corazon and Benigno Aquino III, and residence by Estrada.
New roof system will be new insulation, glass-faced gypsum cover board, and fully adhered .
In the Middle East, air-conditioners account for 60 to 70pc of the summer electricity bill, probably even more in glass-faced structures.
The project will feature a glass-faced promenade, which will be home to cafes, eateries and boutiques, Rimal Galleria is set to be one of Muscat's most popular family-focussed retails centres.
Organised along a glass-faced promenade, which will feature a range of cafes, eateries and boutiques, Rimal Galleria is set to become one of Muscat's most popular family-focused on Resturants & Cafes centre.
A plan on the company's website shows a modern, glass-faced building with black vertical elements and identifies it as a "$50 million residential development.
The glass-faced acrylic design is expected to be very well received by our customers.
More than 100 protesters screamed abuse and blew ear-splitting whistles as men in suits and streams of thin women in expensive jewels and high-heels entered the glass-faced Sotheby's building in Manhattan.
Glass-faced DMX controller with onboard RGB LED feedback and touch-wheel interface for controlling RGB LED luminaires.
The unit, which features a four-sided glass-faced clock and birds-eye views of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, was recently eyed by the likes of Jay-Z and Ralph Lauren.
Nothing happens: it is a fast-scoring game, but it happens inside a glass-faced box, with screaming legions of fans and cheerleaders who flash their smiles and red silk underwear, but still inside the protected box.
They were also given a sneak peak of dressing rooms as well as back stage of Hall One and Hall Two and an insight into the development of the glass-faced structure.