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a.1.Glaucous or glaucescent.
n.1.(Chem.) An alkaloid obtained from the plant Glaucium flavum, as a bitter, white, crystalline substance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The aporphine alkaloids anonaine, glaucine, and norglaucine were previously reported as inductors of oxidative stress [18].
Six cularine alkaloids; cularicine, O-methyl-cularicine, celtisine, cularidine, cularine and celtine, three isocularine alkaloids; sarcophylline, sarcocapnine and sarcocapnidine, and five non-cularine alkaloids; glaucine, protopine, ribasine, dihydrosanguinarine and chelidonine, were identified from the genus Sarcocapnos (Fumariaceae): S.
Table 1 showed that a total of 13 kinds of alkaloids including corydaline, glaucine, canadine, and protopine were identified from the crude and processed RC samples.
ALL-OVER BODY TONERS AND SLIMMERS Top cream Nip + Fab Bo PS14.95, Boots "Unislim" for said to speed KIKO's Firmi Iridescent C kikocosmeti a cream that as you apply active toning ingredients, s as glaucine.
Suppression of tumor-cell growth and mitogen response by aporhine alkaloids, dicentrine, glaucine, coryadine and apomorphine.
Their topics include genetic and cellular multiple drug resistance in a diagnostic and therapeutic strategy in acute leukemia in children and adults, herb-drug interactions and implication in drug monitoring, bacteriophage therapies and enzybiotics as novel solutions to antibiotic resistance, nutrition and tuberculosis, reversing multidrug resistance by the isoquinoline alkaloid glaucine, and finding the genetic solution for cancer in the mechanism of taxol cytotoxicity.
Karl Litner, managing director at Sederma presented "In vitro modulation of human adipocyte differentiation by glaucine: enzymatic, morphological and functional evidence of cell-type reversion." Dr.
aromadendrene,13-sitosterol-0-glucoside, and 13-carotene), and alkaloids (glaucine, harmine, and sanguinarine) were evaluated as potential P-gp inhibitors (transporter activity and expression level) in P-gp expressing Caco-2 and CEM/ADR5000 cancer cell lines.
flavum has shown that it is rich in several aporphine alkaloids: glaucine, isocorydine, protopine and isoboldine (Yakhontova et al.
Active ingredients include glaucine to smooth skin and Lipocare, a firming anti-cellulite complex of caffeine and coenzyme A, which speeds up the process of breaking down fat.