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v. i.1.To glisten; to gleam.
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Before the company would officially start its operations on Monday, Gleen Mayer Bagani, marketing and leasing manager, said 70 percent of its office spaces for lease have been taken up, including its space allotted for the BPOs.
More: US consular agent Gleen and Honey Loop, Gerry and Pamela Montanus, Shigero and Kumiko Onda, Michael and Bethilda Smith, Michael and Rose Hennessy.
Rodriguez here from Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Office (PPO) said Gleen Plaza Echin, 57, and the provincial manager NFA in Surigao del Norte, was driving her service vehicle when she figured in the road accident.
In the movie's circle, Paige will soon come face-to-face with R&B superstar Tangey Turner (Pepi Sonuga) and Alexis Gleen (Niki Kloss), a woman who is willing to sleep with anyone just to gain fame.
A forgotten fact, of course, is that the Blues were down to 10 men at 1-0 after Gleen Keeley's red card.
The source added that army's operations in Gleen village, 25 km to the West of Daraa city, resulted in the killing and wounding of several militiamen who could not resist the Syrian soldiers' storms.
The source added that an army unit carried out a special operation in Gleen village, 25 km to the west of Daraa city, causing the death of many terrorists, injuring others and destroying a car they were using for movement.
Organised by anti-gun and knife campaigner Gleen Reid, around 100 people attended the 12th Families For Peace memorial service.
Front, from left) Gleen Reid Founder and of Families for Peace
Kezar, Gleen, Lester, and Nakamoto (2008), along with Ladson-Billings (1998), offer value-oriented approaches to assessment in higher education that focus on examining questions of equity and culturally-relevant practice.
En las ultimas semanas, gracias a la entrega que ha hecho el exanalista de la Agencia Nacional de Seguridad, el estadounidense Edward Snowden, asilado en Rusia por disposicion de Vladimir Putin, de material clasificado al periodista britanico Gleen Greenwald, todo el mundo se ha escandalizado por el alcance del espionaje de Estados Unidos tanto en Europa--Alemania, Francia, Espana- como en el Nuevo Continente, especificamente en Brasil y en Mexico.