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(Placename) the German name for Gliwice
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(gliˈvi tsɛ)

a city in SW Poland. 216,000.
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The first shots in conflicts often start in places you've never heard of, like Fort Sumter for the US Civil War, shelling from the SMS Bodrog on the Danube for the First World War or the Gleiwitz incident for the Second World War.
Following the example set in Berlin, in 1933 five more--independent--Iwria Banks were founded in Breslau (now Wroclav), Chemnitz, Gleiwitz (now Gliwice), Leipzig, and Stettin (now Szczecin).
True conspiracies do exist, from President Nixon's authorization of the Watergate burglary to Nazi Germany's manufacture of the Gleiwitz incident to begin World War Two.
Later films about the Nazi period, such as Gerhard Klein's Der Fall Gleiwitz (The Gleiwitz Case, 1961), about the beginning of World War Two, or Konrad Wolf's extraordinarily ambitious Ich war neunzehn (I Was Nineteen, 1968), a semi-autobiographical account of Wolf's own experiences as a Red Army soldier involved in the Soviet invasion of Germany in 1945, undoubtedly profited from these examples.
Dean Richard Gleiwitz All the hype is awful when we play in any competition.
After his death, he was unmasked as the son of a Jewish hatmaker from Gleiwitz. This should have given him at least sympathy for the Jewish producers.
But one thing is more certain -- if there is one military trick that Khartoum has mastered very well it is the engineering of scenarios similar to the Gleiwitz incident[2] which started the Second World War.
At its crudest we have the "Polish attack" on the German radio station at Gleiwitz, in Silesia, on the night of August 31,1939; or Stalin's claim that Finland had plotted an attack on the Soviet Union in the winter of 1939-40.
On the night of August 31, 1939, SS officers dressed as Poles attacked the Silesian radio station at Gleiwitz just over the Polish border near Katowice.
After the murder, two detectives who try to convict Aue are on his heels all over Europe, from Berlin (674f.; 686f.; 693f.; 885-9; 893) to Budapest (735f.), to Gleiwitz (786f.), to Pommerania (815), just as the Erinyes chase Orestes.
In addition, the company's sites in Ellesmere Port, UK, in Gleiwitz, Poland, and in Szentgotthard, Hungary, will also not be affected by the workforce reduction.
On the evening of Thursday, August 31st, 1939, an unnamed inmate of a German concentration camp was taken by members of the Gestapo to a radio transmitting station outside the frontier town of Gleiwitz. He was then dressed up in a Polish army uniform and shot.