Glen Canyon Dam

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Noun1.Glen Canyon Dam - a large dam built in 1964 on the Colorado River in Arizona
Arizona, Grand Canyon State, AZ - a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon
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Effects of three high-flow experiments on the Colorado River ecosystem downstream from Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona.
There was a time when, in my search for essences, I concluded that canyonland country has no heart," Edward Abbey wrote in "The Damnation of a Canyon," an essay about a last float trip he took in 1959, three years after construction began on Glen Canyon Dam.
The total distance of the float is 15 miles from Glen Canyon Dam to historic Lee's Ferry and total time for both tours is approximately 12.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--The Colorado River flows 472 km between Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Mead, including the remaining 26 km of lower Glen Canyon and all of Grand Canyon (Stevens, 1983).
The upper basin states-Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming--needed their own reservoir to help protect against the future thirst of California, and the federal government responded by building Glen Canyon Dam.
C) provide drinking water to communities downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam.
1964: Glen Canyon Dam begins generating power for the Southwest.
From there, we headed up into the canyon country of southwest Utah and northeast Arizona, having a grand time for a few weeks before visiting the other great power plant/environmental disaster of the southwest, Glen Canyon Dam.
They include Pearce Ferry, Torroweap Overlook, the Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, Navajo National Monument and Black Mesa, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Grand Falls, Sedona, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and others.
The 180-mile-long reservoir behind Glen Canyon Dam is within the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area in Utah and Arizona just east of Grand Canyon National Park.
The species suffered from the ecological effects of the Glen Canyon Dam, including cooler-than-normal water temperatures, and predation by nonnative fish such as trout (SN: 3/5/05, p.