Glen Canyon Dam

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Noun1.Glen Canyon Dam - a large dam built in 1964 on the Colorado River in Arizona
Arizona, Grand Canyon State, AZ - a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon
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Effects of three high-flow experiments on the Colorado River ecosystem downstream from Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona.
For nearly 40 years, environmental activists have called for the decommissioning and removal of Glen Canyon Dam. The arguments are powerful and based on the simple premise that if we do not take steps to dismantle the dam, nature surely will.
The Colorado River has been regulated by Glen Canyon Dam since 1963, reducing the frequency of floods, transport of sediments, and mean and variability of temperature downstream (Schmidt and Graf, 1990; Stevens et al., 1997a; Schmidt et al., 1998).
The construction of Glen Canyon Dam was not an act of collaborative hydrology.
For three days in March, the amount of water released by the Glen Canyon Dam was quadrupled to 1.2 million litres per second, recreating natural seasonal high river flows that occurred before the arrival of the dam.
Based on information in the article about the Grand Canyon, you can infer that before the construction of Glen Canyon Dam,
1964: Glen Canyon Dam begins generating power for the Southwest.
From there, we headed up into the canyon country of southwest Utah and northeast Arizona, having a grand time for a few weeks before visiting the other great power plant/environmental disaster of the southwest, Glen Canyon Dam.
They include Pearce Ferry, Torroweap Overlook, the Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, Navajo National Monument and Black Mesa, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Grand Falls, Sedona, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and others.
The 180-mile-long reservoir behind Glen Canyon Dam is within the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area in Utah and Arizona just east of Grand Canyon National Park.
The species suffered from the ecological effects of the Glen Canyon Dam, including cooler-than-normal water temperatures, and predation by nonnative fish such as trout (SN: 3/5/05, p.