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Noun1.Glenn T. Seaborg - United States chemist who was one of the discoverers of plutonium (1912-1999)
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In the case of Tri Alpha, Glenn Seaborg, a former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, chancellor of the University of California system, and Nobel Laureate, along with a small group of visionary experts including George Sealy, a Bechtel executive, thought Rostoker's idea had merit.
Glenn Seaborg both during his life and since his death in 1999, the legacy for which he may be most remembered is his towering stature as citizen-scholar.
The Policy Paper was requested by the (House-Senate) Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE) and was transmitted to them on July 11, 1966 by then AEC chairman Glenn Seaborg.
No one thought to give the transition metals a little more space until Glenn Seaborg and his colleagues at (wait for it) the University of California at Berkeley made over the entire periodic table between the late 1930s and early 1960s.
Seaborgium, for example, was named for Glenn Seaborg, former board chairman of Science News publisher Society for Science & the Public.
Hal was proud that he was able to furnish Glenn Seaborg with the first significant quantity of the element americium.
It was not for a one-on-one dialogue with me but for the Journal's top reporters and editors to interview Glenn Seaborg, the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry whom President Kennedy had just appointed chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.
The IBM RS/6000 SP system, named "Seaborg" to honor Berkeley Lab Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg, can perform 5 trillion calculations per second.
When the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) established a Council for Media Integrity in order to persuade television producers and writers to include more scientific content in their programs and to avoid confusing pseudoscience with genuine science, Steve Allen, along with Nobel Prize-winner Glenn Seaborg became co-chairmen.
The science standards were written by a commission of scientists and educators headed by Nobel laureate and physicist Glenn Seaborg.
Nuclear power] could solve the problem of [supplying] adequate energy for future generations," chemist Glenn Seaborg wrote to President Kennedy in 1962.