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n.1.Glimmer; mica.
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With beams her glistering And streak'd And rais'il her of rosy red: Pale Head; Pale the Sky with glist ring William quak'd in William shook in Red; Pale Head: Pale every limb.
Applied at all levels of the organization, consultation is "a robust tool for maintaining unity and creating widely supported solutions to social problems," said Paul Glist, chairman of the Center's board of directors.
Owen Glist, Note, Enforcing Courtesy: Default Judgments and the Civility
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The 300-seat converted movie house near downtown Fort Lauderdale was leased to the husband-wife team of Alan and Kathi Glist on Aug.
As delight scatters in scalar glist, their helms in the sun massed flexible laminae, really, the reason.
36) See Paul Glist, Cable Copyright: The Role of the Copyright Office, 35 Emory L.
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