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1. The adaptation of globally distributed goods, services, or publications in order to make them suitable for local needs.
2. The modification of imported cultural practices and ideas to conform with local norms.

[Blend of globalization and localization.]

glo′cal·ize′ v.
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The term "Glocal" is loosely informed by sociologist Roland Robertson's (1995) concept of glocalization, a portmanteau of "global" and "local.
In the education sector, glocalization is an approach where institutions from different countries agree to a tie-up - that is, sign a memorandum of understanding(MOU) - to share their expertise in different areas of knowledge.
Al-Bernameg is the Egyptian localized version that adopted the same format of The Daily Show, with the Egyptian version being another successful example of glocalization.
The SAITM issue sends out strong signals that a change in the education sector of the country by looking at social,economic factors within the framework of Glocalization (not globalization) in vital.
The object of the paper is to analyze that the' Glocalization of politics' in South Asia and Central Asia focuses on the concept of thinking global and acting local.
Key words: sentipensante, tiguaque, self-management, glocalization.
Compatible with the recent views reported in Leduc (2013) and Gruenewald and Smith (2014), Featherstone (1995) pointed out that glocalization is set in opposition to the global homogenization of political, institutional, and cultural practices.
As Gutierrez contends, glocalization "does not eliminate stereotypes but conveys the possibility of multiple identities, or multiple dimensions to national identity, that break free from the rigidity of stereotypes.
check] Spar uses as a glocalization strategy price positioning; this brand is positioned as a low-cost supermarket in Germany while in Great Britain and Ireland, through its excellent services policy and an elegant design of the stores it is positioned as a high-cost proximity store.
Glocalization generally combines ideas associated with globalization with local issues and concerns ("Glocalization," n.
It delineates the glocalization perspective and argues that the focus of enterprise analysis should be on the processes between the points in the triangular matrix, rather than on inter-ethnic bonding within businesses.
Local styles and repertoires in the original language may indeed second glocalization (Robertson, 1995) or repositioning strategies, as in the case of a chain of foreign stores that asked one service to use lots of Italian music to emphasize closeness to Italy and the growing share of products "Made in Italy" in comparison to the total offer.