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 (glô′mə, -mä)
See Glåma.


(Norwegian ˈɡlɔma)
(Placename) a river in SE Norway, rising near the border with Sweden and flowing generally south to the Skagerrak: the largest river in Scandinavia; important for hydroelectric power and floating timber. Length: 588 km (365 miles)


(ˈglɔm mɑ)

a river in E Norway, flowing S into the Skagerrak. 375 mi. (605 km) long.
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Of which country is the River Glomma the longest river?
Att tanka pa nagot ar att bli medveten om det och glomma sig sjalv." (Ramirez, op.
Seasonal cycles of fish parasites in the river Glomma. Norwegian J.
Distriktsskoterskorna beskrev att de riskerade att glomma sekretessen om samtalet agde rum en stund nar de pratade med tredje part.
At Guddu Barrage bordering Punjab and Sindh provinces, peak discharge occurred on August 8-9, reaching 32,600 cumecs, or roughly 10.5 times larger than the peak flow of the Glomma River at Elverum, Norway during the 1995 Vesleofsen flood.
The principal rivers are the Glomma, the Lagen and Tanaelv.
21 October 2010 - Norwegian company AF Gruppen ASA (OSL: AFG) said last Tuesday it will carry out construction works for some NOK100m excluding VAT, on the Ranasfoss III hydro-power plant in Glomma in the county of Akershus.
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See, for example, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and Eastern Norway Research Institute, The Glomma and Laagen Basin, Norway: Case Study Prepared as an Input to the World Commission on Dams (Cape Town: WCD, 2000), available online at
Both wolf and bear populations occur in the area east of the Glomma River to the Swedish border.