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(ˈɡluːskæp) ,




(Non-European Myth & Legend) (among the Micmac and other Native North American peoples) a traditional trickster hero
[of Algonquian origin]
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Stories and sources include; How Raven Brought the Sun (Tlingit), Calabash of the Winds (Hawaiian), The Thunder God (Chinese), The Spider Weaver (Japanese), How Glooscap Found Summer (Mi'kmaq/Wabanaki), Father Frost (Russian), and How the Fog Came (Inuit).
The children's art is also featured in a new publication, Kekina'masuti Nemitekemk Nktuey Mijua'jijk: Through Children's Eyes:An L'nu Resource for Exploring the Visual Arts, developed as a result of a partnership initiative between Head Start programs, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Glooscap Heritage Centre with support from First Nations and Inuit Health Atlantic Region.
There are other leaders who may rightly see demand from their communities to explain six-figure base salaries such as the Chief of the Samson Band in Alberta earning $166,984 and or that of the Glooscap First Nation in NS at $115,500.
Community forums were held in the Mi'kmaw communities of Membertou, Potlotek, We'koqmaq, Millbrook, Indian Brook, Acadia, Bear River, Annapolis, Glooscap, Pictou Landing, Paqtnkek, Eskasoni, in Halifax at the Mi'kmaq Friendship Centre, and in Wagmatcook at the annual assembly of the Nova Scotia Native Women's Association.
Characterized by his background in psychotherapy (hence his determination to restore Acadia to health), LeBouthillier's representation of the past regularly combines biblical, Mi'kmaq (the region's most prominent indigenous group), and Classical mythologies in a New Age vision that implicates the Holy Grail, the Glooscap (of Mi'kmaq legend), and the lost city of Atlantis in the fate of Acadians.
We've had excellent success with Glooscap and Honeyoye.
Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneurs of the Year are Glooscap Trading Post (Basil Peters) of Millbrook First Nation, N.S.; Apjipeg Crafts (Margaret LaBillois) of Eel River Bar First Nation, N.B.; St.
So look out for useful terms like the Australian "fugly" (f-word plus ugly equals decidedly ugly), the Canadian Glooscap (for a traditional trickster), the New Zealand entry "stylie"(for fashion-conscious) and from South Africa "ja well no fine" (which signifies reluctant acceptance).
as Glooscap dreams, a tree sprouts out by the side of his head, a use of the tree as a symbol of imaginative thought (fig.
Here the Indian cultural hero Glooscap is said to have created the Reversing Falls when he destroyed a large beaver dam built across the river's mouth.
It also does not hurt that the Trickster as we know or rediscover him, as Coyote or Weesageejak or Nanabush, as Raven or Glooscap, is as shifty and shiftless, as horny and greedy, as lucky, as funny, as human as any of us.