v. i.1.To glare; to glower.
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His biggest might have been a 1971 investment in duPont Glore Forgan, then one of the biggest brokerage houses on Wall Street.
Thomas Haigh, (1) John Raad Glore, (1) David Gouldesbrough, (1) and Winson Wong (2)
The rest of the world champion crew are steersman Norwell Cajes, Alex Generalo, Oliver Manaig, Reymart Nevado, Robin Santos, Daniel Ortega, Jonathan Ruiz, Christian Urzo, siblings Paul and Michael Silencio, Jordan de Guiao, Maribeth Caranto, Fernan Dungan, Franc Feliciano, Roger Masbate, women's team captain and drummer Patricia Bustamante, Sheryl Caang, Rosalyn Esguerra, Glaiza Liwag, Angela Avanila, steersman Maribeth Caranto, Rea Glore, Fe Niuda and Rhea Roa.
Epidemiological studies indicate that dietary fiber intake protects against cardiovascular disease (Kris-Etherton et al., 1988; Glore et al., 1994) including lowering of total and LDL cholesterol (Pereira et al., 2004).
Glore - Barbara Kathryn Glore, 84, of Monroe died Sept.
The administrations of respective churches are planning to set up special fairs outside churches where Christian families would draw in glore to enjoy every bit of Christmas event.
Asimismo, promover la interaccion entre el estudiante y el contenido encaminandolo a un aprendizaje efectivo (Glore & David, 2012).
Linda Beasley, institutional activities coordinator, Northeast Correctional Center, Missouri Department of Corrections; Walter Friesen, corrections officer II, Jefferson City Correctional Center, Missouri Department of Corrections; Jody Glore, recreation director, Potosi Correctional Center, Missouri Department of Corrections; Julie L.
Of their seventy-eight lines devoted to the angel's song, fifty dwell on this one word, stretching and wringing and prying it with every variation imaginable: glore, glere, glorye, grorus, glorus, glarus, glorius, glee, glo, glas, glye, glor, glay, gly (7.361, 364, 382, 384, 388, 391, 392, 400).
Anhand der Geschichte des Sowjetischen Ehrenmals geht Courtney Glore Crimmins der Frage nach, wie eine spezifisch ostdeutsche Erfahrung in den historischen Diskurs des vereinigten Deutschlands eingegangen ist und sich zu einem Teil der Ostberliner Identitat entwickelt hat--nicht ohne politische Spannungen.