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The production of a speech sound by narrowing of the glottis or compression of the vocal cords, resulting in creaky voice, ejective pronunciation, or other phonological changes.

glot′tal·ize′ v.
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I fully agree with Tuuli Tuisk's conclusion about the Lithuanian language in that "The distinction between tones is most clear in the western part of Lithuania, especially in Northern Samogitian subdialects, where the main acute tone is realized by the broken (glottalized) tone", because the pronunciation of Northern Samogitian subdialects indeed reminds that of the Malenian variant from North-East Vidzeme.
When the consonant is a pharyngeal, pharyngealized or glottalized, the V of the infix is mostly a.
Ohiri-Aniche (1985) identifies schwa /e/ and glottalized t /t/ in Igbo dialect phonology drawing instances from Ubolo-Afo, Mbieri and Owere dialects of Igbo.
A point of interest is that the majority of wordfinal vowels in Maanyan are glottalized. The language has no geminate consonants, but the sequence nasal + voiced stop is realized as a geminate nasal.
This reports a mishearing of Sikkanese speech: Sikkanese words beginning with a vowel are either pre-vocalically glottalized, as are all words of Bahasa Indonesia beginning with vowels, or are 'soft'.
An alternative possibility is that the Arabic rendering does not reflect the shift * s > t at all; one may hypothesize that the Ethiopian glottalized affricate [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [ts'] was so different from the Arabic pharyngalized sibilant [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [s] that the emphatic dental stop could he perceived by an Arab as a more suitable rendering (cf.
Ahtna consonants in IPA/practical orthography Labial Alveolar Stops and Plain p b t d africates Aspirated t h t Glottalized t' t' Nasals m m n Fricatives Voiced Voiceless Approximants Alveo-Palatal Lateral Stops and Plain ts ~ t[??] dz t[??] dl africates Aspirated ts h ~ t[??] h ts t[??] h tl Glottalized ts' ~ t[??] ts' t[??]' tl' Nasals Fricatives Voiced z ~ 3 z Voiceless s - [??] s [??] [??] Approximants l l Palatal Uvular Glottal Stops and Plain c g q gg ?