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A trademark for a portable monitor that measures blood glucose levels.
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n (fam) medidor m de glucosa, glucómetro (fam)
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StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System allows arterial, venous, or capillary samples to be used from all patient types, effectively making it the only universal fingerstick glucometer on the market.
Data obtained from the questionnaire included participants' age, sex, duration of DM, highest level of education attained, whether retired or active in service, duration of glucometer use, frequency of glucometer use, having ready-to-use glucose strips, history of post prandial blood glucose check, hypoglycemia history, medications, most recent fasting capillary blood glucose, ownership of a cord book, and actions in situations of hyperglycemia.
112(53.5) doctors used combination of capillary glucose by glucometer and plasma blood glucose tests for monitoring of glycemic control of patients with GDM.
For instance, people are not aware of emerging ways of tracking and managing glucose levels, such as that by a Glucometer or insulin pumps, which help in better management of disease and lead to more active and better lifestyle.
This becomes complicated in youth with diabetes, as multiple measures of adherence are available (e.g., caregivers' report, youths' report, glucometer or pump download, and log book), and the complexity of the treatment regimen makes it difficult for providers to evaluate adherence.
The event included,awareness lectures,Free Blood Sugar Screening and Consultation,Question-Answer Session,Documentary, Free Literature,Free Give a ways and Refreshment,Chances to win Glucometer through lucky draw she added.
Eliminating routine glucometer readings makes primary care visits more efficient, according to a 6-month review of activity at a primary care clinic.
AFTER promising cheap glucometer two years ago, the Indian Council of Medical Research is clueless when the affordable devices would be available in the market.
The device can in theory replace a glucometer. Of course, filing a patent doesn't necessarily mean the device will be a success.
This study was designed to compare blood glucose concentrations in domestic pigeons (Columba livia domestica) as measured by a commercial, handheld, human glucometer and a standard autoanalyzer.
I checked my blood sugars after three weeks and glucometer showed me the reading of 567 mg/dL.
OBJECTIVES: 1] To determine the efficacy of glucometer in the estimation of blood glucose levels in newborns, in comparison with the glucose oxidase method used in the laboratory.