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(ˈɡluːskæp) ,




(Non-European Myth & Legend) (among the Micmac and other Native North American peoples) a traditional trickster hero
[of Algonquian origin]
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Chesley was presented with the Group of Five Gluskap Award (1989), the Commemorative Medal marking the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada (1992), the New Brunswick Medical Society Order of Merit (1995), and the American Cancer Society's National Prostate Cancer Detection Program Award (1996).
Students read "Gluskap Speaks for Plamu" which is a tale about the mythical Wabanaki character Gluskap and his concern with the present and future survival of salmon and salmon habitat.
The grade 8 teacher who implemented the Plamu Wesit curriculum especially liked the Mi'gmaq vocabulary presented in each section and the Gluskap tales that were woven into the lessons.
L'explication relative a la liberte ou au statut des femmes est certes insuffisante, mais l'interet et le caractere novateur de l'ouvrage demeurent dans la proposition d'analogies et de correspondances possibles entre les univers mythiques, par exemple entre les grand-meres que furent Sainte-Anne pour les catholiques, Aataentsic pour les Iroquoiens, ou Micmaque avec laquelle vivait Gluskap, l'Oiseau du Tonnerre qui fond sur le Serpent sous-marin et le Serpent qu'ecrase Marie sous ses pieds ou encore le serpent des druides.
King Arthur, Charlemagne, and the Emperor Frederick are typical European examples; Gluskap of the Algonquins and Quetzalcoatl are representative of the Americas; Tamerlaine the Great and the Japanese Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi are their Asian counterparts.