linea aspera

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lin·e·a as·pe·ra

 (lĭn′ē-ə ăs′pə-rə)
n. pl. lin·e·ae as·pe·rae (lĭn′ē-ē′ ăs′pə-rē′)
A longitudinal ridge running down the posterior surface of the shaft of the femur, affording attachment to various muscles.

[New Latin līnea aspera, rough line : Latin līnea, line; see line + Latin aspera, feminine of asper, rough (in reference to its rough texture).]
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Superiorly, lateral lip blends with broad and rough gluteal tuberosity, and the medial lip continues as narrow spiral line.
The deep fibers of the lower portion are inserted in the gluteal tuberosity, between the vastus lateralis and adductor magnus [15].
INTRODUCTION: In human anatomy, the third trochanter is a bony projection occasionally present on the proximal femur near the superior border of the gluteal tuberosity. When present, it is oblong, rounded or conical in shape and sometimes continuous with the gluteal ridge.