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Urinary levels of glycolate are abnormal in Type 2 PH; in Type 3 PH, urinary levels of glycerate are abnormal.
2015) Bending of protonema cells in a plastid glycolate/ glycerate transporter knockout line of Physcomitrella patens.
56 (add: fructose-6- phosphate, myo- inositol-1 - phosphate, myo- inositol-2- phosphate, myo- inositol-4- phosphate) Glycerate 1.
By contrast, the low acyl gellan (LA) is produced by removal of acetate and glycerate groups with a strong alkali treatment at high temperatures.
The pathway by which blattabacteria metabolize uric acid begins with the conversion of uric acid to allantoin, followed by allantoic acid, glyoxylate, glycerate, and finally pyruvate (Donnellan and Kilby 1967).
39 glycerate hydro-lyase) (NNE) (enolase 1) (phophopyruvate hydratase) 6814 Q29443 Serotransferrin precursor 2.
Hirsch showed that "spiking" stored RBCs with diphosphate glycerate and ATP precursors led to significant improvements in cardiovascular function.
For instance, allele three of glycerate dehydrogenase (Gly-3) showed a higher frequency on dry sites.
Glycerate is taken up by chloroplasts where it and PGA participate in regeneration of the [RuP.
apnea, septicemia, seizures, respiratory or cardiac insufficiency); diabetic ketoacidosis; Reye & Reye-like syndromes; increase with younger age; saccharose, fructose, lactose; drugs inducing hyperlactemia; dialysis bath; MCT administration Lysine, glycine, serine metabolism Glutaconate Glycerate Uremia; increase with younger age Glycolate (83, 84) Ethylene glycol poisoning Glyoxylate 2-Hydroxyadipate (85) 3-Hydroxyglutarate (85) 2-Ketoadipate (85) Glutarate (18, 19, 85-87) 2-Ketoglutarate degradation; bacterial gut metabolism; uremia; ethylene glycol poisoning; lithium Oxalate (83, 88-90) Enteric malabsorption (regional enteritis or ileitis, celiac sprue disease, resection of ileum, Crohn disease); idiopathic stone disease; pyridoxine deficiency; increase with younger age; diet (e.