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In addition to these suspected virulence factors, a gene putatively encoding a glycerate kinase in the subtype B genome (LBJ_RS09170) is apparently inactivated in subtype A, thus suggesting that glycerol metabolism may be affected in this type.
Appearance in Substituent microbial EPS Organic acids Acetate Very common Glycerate Pseudomonas elodea Hydroxybutanoate Rhizobium irifolii Propionate Escherichia coli Pyruvate Very common Succinate Rhizobium spp., Agrobacterium spp, Amino acids L-glutamate Klebsiella Serine E.
Measurement of urinary oxalate excretion, glycolate, glycerate, and creatinine is essential to the metabolic workup (timed 12-hour or 24-hour urine collection) (Cochat et al., 2012; Edvardsson et al., 2013).
(2015) Bending of protonema cells in a plastid glycolate/ glycerate transporter knockout line of Physcomitrella patens.
If side effects still occur consider ferrous fumerate, glycerate
A CDS encoding glycerate kinase (EcolC_3109, Accession number: CP000946) was selected and used for primers design.
The lipids used were glyceryl monooleate and oleyl glycerate. In vitro lipolysis study suggested less susceptibility of oleyl glycerate to hydrolysis by pancreatic lipase than that of glyceryl monooleate.
By contrast, the low acyl gellan (LA) is produced by removal of acetate and glycerate groups with a strong alkali treatment at high temperatures.
The pathway by which blattabacteria metabolize uric acid begins with the conversion of uric acid to allantoin, followed by allantoic acid, glyoxylate, glycerate, and finally pyruvate (Donnellan and Kilby 1967).
Hirsch showed that "spiking" stored RBCs with diphosphate glycerate and ATP precursors led to significant improvements in cardiovascular function.
For instance, allele three of glycerate dehydrogenase (Gly-3) showed a higher frequency on dry sites.