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 (glī′kō-prō′tēn′, -tē-ĭn)
Any of a group of conjugated proteins having a carbohydrate as the nonprotein component.
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(ˌɡlaɪkəʊˈprəʊtiːn) ,




(Biochemistry) any of a group of conjugated proteins containing small amounts of carbohydrates as prosthetic groups. See also mucoprotein
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(ˌglaɪ koʊˈproʊ tin, -ti ɪn)

any of a group of complex proteins, as mucin, containing a carbohydrate combined with a simple protein.
Also called gly`co•pep′tide (-ˈpɛp taɪd)
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Noun1.glycoprotein - a conjugated protein having a carbohydrate component
mucin - a nitrogenous substance found in mucous secretions; a lubricant that protects body surfaces
compound protein, conjugated protein - a protein complex combining amino acids with other substances
erythropoietin - a glycoprotein secreted by the kidneys that stimulates the production of red blood cells
CD4, cluster of differentiation 4 - a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells; "CD4 is a receptor for HIV in humans"
CD8, cluster of differentiation 8 - a membrane glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of cytotoxic T cells
lectin - any of several plant glycoproteins that act like specific antibodies but are not antibodies in that they are not evoked by an antigenic stimulus
mucoid - any of several glycoproteins similar to mucin
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With the intention of optimize the glycoproteins synthesis process, which was hindered by the limitations from homogeneous glycans obtaining, production of the protein backbone, and linkage between glycan and protein backbone, scientists in Creative Biolabs summarize existing knowledge and technologies to propose enhanced glycoprotein synthesis approaches such as native chemical ligation, bacterial oligosaccharyltransferase, glycoprotein remodeling, and in vivo suppressor tRNA technology.
27 August 2019 - Massachusetts, US-based synthetic biology company Conagen has acquired a fermentation-based technology for the production of therapeutically useful glycoproteins, to enhance development of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the company said.
In contrast, in late EMs, the measured values of these glycoproteins in both heifers and cows were found to be 20-30% lower than those of pregnant animals, and individual differences were obtained at the time EMs were observed.
The primary endpoint will evaluate predictive values of the VOCAL test, with a secondary outcome analyzing the relationship between glycoproteins and survival rates among women with ovarian cancer, added the company.
Approximately 75 percent of the RBC's sialic acid is found in GPA (contains M, N and Ena antigens); and in fact, Band 3 and GPA are the most abundant glycoproteins on the red cell surface.
6) Due to its nature, the biosynthesis of glycoproteins can give rise to the formation of a plethora of compounds that have in common identical protein chains, but differ in structure of the glycan chains and/or in occupancy of the glycosylation sites.
Platelet membrane glycoproteins Ib-IX-V, Ia-IIa, and IIb-IIIa mediated crucial reactions in the process of platelet adhesion, aggregation, and thrombosis [2].
Objective: To evaluate the effect of apheresis procedure on platelet's activation dependent glycoproteins' expression on their surface.
Lectins in biochips selectively recognise glycan moieties in glycoproteins or on the surface of cells, providing information about the glycoprofile.
Goettingen, Germany, November 19, 2015 --( Hydrazinolysis is a traditional method for O-glycan release from glycoproteins. However, this method requires anhydrous hydrazine, a highly toxic and hard to handle compound.