n.1.(Chem.) A white, crystalline, nitrogenous substance, produced by the action of hydroxylamine on glyoxal, and belonging to the class of oximes; also, any one of a group of substances resembling glyoxime proper, and of which it is a type. See Oxime.
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Deveci, New Glyoxime Derivatives and Their Transition Metal Complexes, Russ.
After equilibrium, the sample was centrifuged and the filtrates were analyzed by a UV-visible spectrophotometer and the Ni(II) ion concentration was found by forming complex with dimethyl glyoxime at 470 nm by dimethylglyoxime method [27].
Cohen often sends his patients home with dimethyl glyoxime so they can hunt down the bioavailable nickel in their own homes and clothing.
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Co glyoxime and pentapyridine coordinative complexes as well as Ni phosphine compounds are promising candidates exhibiting high catalytic activity in both electro- and light driven H2 catalysis in water.
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