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 (năt′kăch′ər, -kĕch′-)
Any of several tiny birds of the genus Polioptila, found throughout the Americas and having a long tail and a slender bill.


(Animals) any of various small American songbirds of the genus Polioptila and related genera, typically having a long tail and a pale bluish-grey plumage: family Muscicapidae (Old World flycatchers, etc)


(ˈnætˌkætʃ ər)

any of various small, insect-eating New World songbirds of the genus Polioptila (subfamily Silviinae), having a long, mobile tail.
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Noun1.gnatcatcher - very small North American and South American warblersgnatcatcher - very small North American and South American warblers
warbler - a small active songbird
genus Polioptila, Polioptila - New World gnatcatchers
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Cicadas buzz and blue-gray gnatcatchers flit among the oak limbs.
California gnatcatchers, a threatened species, will live in a 260-acre reserve at the base of the former hills (a requirement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife).
Molecular systematics and biogeography of aridland gnatcatchers (genus Polioptila), and evidence supporting species status of the California gnat catcher (Poliptila californica).
Elevational distribution of California Gnatcatchers on the United States.
20th: Great crested flycatchers, blue-gray gnatcatchers, ruby-throated hummingbirds, eastern wood peewees and bank swallows move south.
californica), fecal samples showed that the adult gnatcatchers selected more and larger prey, including spiders, to feed their chicks than adult buds ate themselves (Burger et al.
In one short afternoon at the Center's HQ at Bentsen State Park, we saw orange orioles, green jays, mockingbirds, kingfishers and gnatcatchers, while a walk through the grounds of the beautiful Quinta Mazatlan estate revealed hummingbirds zipping among the trees.
The 4,000-acre (1,620-hectare) Starr Ranch Sanctuary, a National Audubon Society preserve in Orange County, California, shelters at least 22 nesting pairs of gnatcatchers and approximately 1,964 acres (795 ha) of undisturbed coastal sage scrub.
analyses for the Coastal California gnatcatchers (Polioptila californica
According to Edelman, gnatcatchers that are increasing their population in the Moorpark area may have been headed toward Santa Clarita as well, but this fire could hold them off.
OK, so whipsnakes, fairy shrimp and gnatcatchers aren't going to win popularity contests, not like the pandas or the big cats.
But today, when the supposed interests of "endangered" dung beetles, snail darters, suckers, and gnatcatchers regularly trump those of mere humans, federal employees are not allowed the luxury of normalcy and rationality.