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n.1.Churl; curmudgeon.
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In an effort to further develop solutions that can increase the resilience of coastal communities and to strengthen the position of entrepreneurs and researchers in Southeast Louisiana as global leaders in water management, adaptation and resilience, the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) today announced a $200,000 planning grant to The Water Institute of the Gulf for the establishment of a New Orleans-based Resilience Lab in collaboration with Tulane Universitys ByWater Institute.
In late March, the LRA-in coordination with the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), an established community group-invited the Rockefeller Foundation's director of domestic programs, Darren Walker, to New Orleans to discuss the possibility of funding assistance.
Opposed to the knowledgeable is John the "gnof," who, though rich, is something of a miserly churl, even proud of his ignorance (3455).