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adv.1.In a gnomic, didactic, or sententious manner.
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equal protection question." (67) More gnomically, it claimed that
But you mustn't forget the lock," he added gnomically.
Rutten refuses to be drawn beyond saying that there will be 'some', including, he says gnomically, one particular show-stopper loan from Rome which will be on display for four weeks only.
"Freedom doesn't mean doing what you want," he replies gnomically. "It means not doing what you don't want to do.
Wavering gnomically between her party's warring factions, she has no friends, nor does she build alliances, either in her cabinet or among any of the 27 European Union (EU) leaders who hold her - and our - fate in their hands.
As I photographed that particular scene, a homeless man in an army coat asked me, somewhat gnomically, "Can it be saved?" I'm not exactly sure what he meant, but salvationand more often its opposite, damnationbegan to emerge as a theme as I pursued Lansky's trail.
Raykov's political career on the "reformist" right but with roots among the Communist nomenklatura have led to suspicions that he is what Bulgarians gnomically call a "hidden lemon" a someone who is not what they appear to be.
It's his band, they say, as Mullen, gnomically carries the beat.
(64-65; emphasis added; five ellipses in orig.) Wallace Stevens gnomically remarked that "The poet is the priest of the invisible" (195).
The scary skin-headed singer in this surreal, gross-out movie has a physio gnomically -correct replica of his rib cage tattooed on his rib cage and walks around on the ceiling .
As this passage unfurls, "humanity" ceases to be only one of many "species" (a biological and taxonomic way of thinking) and is gnomically reinscribed in existential terms.
THERE HE was, gnomically staring out from the cover of the March 29, 2009, New York Times magazine.