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Bog-lights, vapours of mysticism, psychic overtones, soul orgies, wailings among the shadows, weird gnosticisms, veils and tissues of words, gibbering subjectivisms, gropings and maunderings, ontological fantasies, pan-psychic hallucinations--this is the stuff, the phantasms of hope, that fills your bookshelves.
In this in-depth analysis, Schmid argues for an interpretation of Gnosticism as a critically important avenue for describing the history of early Christianity.
The online Catholic Encyclopedia has a predictably extensive definition of Gnosticism.
3) Therefore dualistic thought usually occurs within a religious or spiritual quest of existence, such as Christianity or Gnosticism.
Common criticisms of modern Gnosticism target its Orientalism, exoticism, appropriation, commodification and distortion of Asian religions.
His artworks are largely seen as a mystic revelation of a hitherto unknown mythos and pantheon, a synthesis of Jung, Kabala, Gnosticism and various archetypes borrowed from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, the Middle and Far East to encode a synthesis of his views.
As such, these movements were secular religions, modern-day versions of the old Christian heresy called Gnosticism.
The novel has weird and wacky characters, wild and funny events, and allusions to death, Fortean phenomena, mysticism and various religions and spiritual paths including Gnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jewish folklore, and Paganism.
Chapters depict sex practices as hidden in the Church's own major representatives, reconstruct the idea and presence of Gnostic spiritual-erotic experiences, and explore not just a history of Gnosticism and its major figures, but the mystery surrounding Sophia, known as the Wild Lady of Wisdom.
In The Allure of Immortality, Lyn Millner relates the headshaking tale of how Teed converted two hundred seekers into celibate Koreshans and led them from Chicago to a Southwest Florida promised land, based on a religion-science "mix of millennialism, mesmerism, the beliefs of Swedenborg, theosophy, spiritualism, mind healing, Buddhism, the primitive Christian church, Egyptian myth, gnosticism, electromagnetism," and the irresistible idea that the entire universe was contained in a hollow earth.
and in substantial articles on gnosticism for the Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity and the Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, (3) The pattern of "fall and restoration of souls" is common not only to Origen and the "gnostics," as McC suggests, but to all patristic Platonists, including the anti-Manichaean Augustine (who speaks of creatures' deficere and their restoration by God).
Synopsis: In "Gnostic Mysteries of Sex: Sophia the Wild One and Erotic Christianity", author Tobias Churton (Britain's leading scholar of Western Esotericism, a world authority on Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and Rosicrucianism) takes the reader on an exploration of the sexual practices and doctrinal secrets of Gnosticism.