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Noun1.gin and tonic - gin and quinine water
gin - strong liquor flavored with juniper berries
highball - a mixed drink made of alcoholic liquor mixed with water or a carbonated beverage and served in a tall glass
quinine water, tonic, tonic water - lime- or lemon-flavored carbonated water containing quinine
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China is a highly important market for GNT, with millions of shoppers now seeking out products that contain natural colours.
Flamingoes are among strong contenders for automatic promotion to the BTC Premiership perched at position three with 24 points, while GNT is at position nine with 10 points.
The first weight loss took place mostly in the 200-500[degrees]C range, probably because of decarboxylation either from the carboxylate groups at US-tube or GNT defect sites or from the PAA coating.
19 May 2017 - Pennsylvania, US-based fitness centre franchisor National Fitness Partners (NFP), a portfolio company of Georgia, US-based private equity firm Argonne Capital Group, LLC, has acquired 12 Charlotte, North Carolina, US Planet Fitness clubs from GNT Holdings, LLC, the company said.
The results indicated that the key enzymes included in namely phenylalanine ammonia lyase, flavonoid biosynthesis, chalcone isomerase and chalcone synthase activities were markedly increased by GNT treatment.
As part of the deal, GNT Biotech and Medicals will initially develop and commercialise Chidamide in peripheral T-cell lymphoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and also retain the rights to develop and commercialise the inhibitor in other oncology indications in the country.
Over the past year, Lauren and her team at GnT Media have showcased more than 100 local singers, poets, bands and other musicians in over 25 gigs and shows.
GNT, for instance, argues that the raw materials used to manufacture its products are edible foodstuffs in their own right, and their resulting concentrates can be even consumed directly.
GNT processes a wide variety of edible fruits and vegetables including carrots, pumpkins, elderberries, red cabbage, aronia berries, grapes and tomatoes, providing a comprehensive range of colour shades that are suitable for most applications.
GNT said that the phones could be easily integrated into companies' information systems because their IT systems often utilise Microsoft's Windows operating system, reported the Finnish online news service NewsRoom Finland.
A glance at the Vital Voice shows a more colorful, evocative paper than the GNT. With articles ranging from politics and religion to features headlined, "What are lesbians like?" the Vital Voice does not replicate the GNT, which mostly ran wire copy.
In the 20th minute Mosa Tamokate for GNT missed a golden opportunity with only the goalkeeper to beat as he sent his screeching shot over the bar.