Go straight ahead

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Go straight ahead 
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At these crossroads the motorist can either go straight ahead towards Longlands roundabout or turn left or right towards Morrisons supermarket or Kings Road leading to North Ormesby Market respectively.
This work is expected to take two weeks and the left hand lane, which is usually used to go straight ahead, will be closed.
From QMC to Fairview (northbound): Take North Avenue then turn right to Mindanao Avenue, right to Old Sauyo Road, then go straight ahead to Republic Avenue, then turn left to Regalado Avenue, exit to Commonwealth and on to destination.
However, Labour and Lib Dem councillors voted down a Conservative proposal to go straight ahead with the trust.
I am in the correct lane on the Trade Centre roundabout to go straight ahead from the Etisalat Building junction, and to my left are two vehicles that would be in the correct lane to go straight ahead or left.
Centre lane -- go straight ahead only, exiting the roundabout in the centre lane.
They have pledged to go straight ahead with their decision to cut the 50p rate of tax - giving a tax cut of over pounds 40,000 to millionaires, while millions pay more.
Go straight ahead along the track and across the field towards another farm.
Head up New Hey Road, go straight ahead at the Bay Horse roundabout and the Thespians' home is in a mill building on the left soon after.
Just past Rhos Pant Cottage the lane bends to the right, go straight ahead on a track to reach an access road, turn left and fork right.
The tip of each foot has an LED light bubble, which shows whether to turn left, right or go straight ahead.