Goat's beard

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n.1.(Bot.) A weedy European annual with yellow flowers, of the genus Tragopogon; - so named from the long silky beard of the seeds. One species is the salsify or oyster plant; it is naturalized in US.
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As I came back to Professor Summerlee, he was having a furious altercation with the men who had carried down the oxygen, his little white goat's beard jerking with indignation.
In their stead is a wave of astilbe 'professor van der Wielen' and a big plant of aruncus dioicus, or goat's beard, both of which are said to prefer damp conditions.
According Ashna Nursery owner, Aso Zyad, people in Kurdistan need to stick with shades like Goat's Beard and primrose that are suitable for Kurdistan environment.