Goat house

A place for keeping goats.
A brothel.

See also: Goat, Goat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Five goats were killed on one night and 13 on another, Xinhua said, adding experts were pointing the finger at Ustin after its footprints were found around Guo's goat house and on the roof.
He'll also enclose the chicken area with chain-link fencing and put a door on his goat house.
As a result, the Rising Sun Organic Farm has been awarded pounds 2,000 to go towards building a goat house at the farm, to house New Guernsey goats - a rare pedigree breed.
He was left with one red hen named Paprika, an empty goat house and a series of footprints and claw marks that appeared to be the work of a cougar.
The goat house, built by Win Construction in the mountain village of Taptap, now stands empty.
The house has good views over the surrounding gardens and outbuildings include a workshop, stores, double garage and goat house.
The goat house, constructed by Win Construction in the mountain village of Taptap, now stands empty.
But eventually, because I have the plan laid out already, the chicken house, sheep paddock, hog pen, or goat house does come together.
On top of this, a P600,000 goat house was built in barangay Taptap in the north instead of Sudlon in the south.
My latest major mistake was in the process of building a new pygmy goat house. The plans I had drawn out on paper called for a 4'x4'x4' little house with a pitched roof--entire height four feet (the goats are less than two feet high).
Cuenco said it took about one and a half years to finish the construction of the goat house.