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n.1.See Gobbet.
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The tendency for humans to adhere to rules, even when following those rules comes at a short- or long-term cost, plays a role in many different phenomena, from superstitions (e.g., "If I pick the same numbers every week, I have a greater chance of winning the lottery"), to problem solving (Bilalic, McLeod, & Gobet, 2008), and human suffering (Hayes, 1993).
Several earlier researchers explored possible linkages between performance on standardized measures of spatial ability and skilled performance in spatially oriented game domains like Go and chess (Harre, Bossomaier, & Snyder, 2012; Waters, Gobet, & Leyden, 2002) but failed to provide a general consensus.
These chunks are groups of informational nodes (e.g., brand names and attributes) that have strong associations with one another (Gobet, Lane, Croker, Cheng, Jones, Oliver and Pine, 2001) and form coherent pieces of knowledge that consumer stores in the memory.
Architectures worth considering for this include, but are not limited to, CHREST (Gobet and Lane 2010), Clarion (Sun 2016), Companions (Forbus and Hinrichs 2006), EPIC (Kieras and Meyer 1997), ICARUS (Langley and Choi 2006), Leabra (O'Reilly, Hazy, and Herd 2016), LIDA (Franklin and Patterson 2006), MicroPsi (Bach 2009), MIDCA (Cox et al.
Similarly, Campitelli and Gobet (2011) acknowledge that intelligence and motivation affect performance but highlight that practice is necessary when acquiring expertise.
(https://theconversation.com/profiles/giovanni-sala-325514) Giovanni Sala , PhD Candidate - Cognitive Psychology, (http://theconversation.com/institutions/university-of-liverpool-1198) University of Liverpool and (https://theconversation.com/profiles/fernand-gobet-322027) Fernand Gobet , Professor of Decision Making and Expertise, (http://theconversation.com/institutions/university-of-liverpool-1198) University of Liverpool
However, "deliberate practice" has been shown to be insufficient alone and affected by individual factors in improving certain skills (Campitelli & Gobet, 2011).
[4.] Gobet "Method and Device for Engine Braking a Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine" US Patent No.
Research has supported this claim in finding that experts are able to more efficiently pick up cues from the environment and use these cues to make quick, accurate decisions (Chassy & Gobet, 2011; Gobet & Simon, 1998, 2000; Simon & Chase, 1973).